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Main sewer

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Auckland Metropolitan Drainage Act 1960 [Full Act]

[Main sewer], or main drain, means a sewer or drain designed or intended to convey sewage from one or more sewerage reticulation systems or portions thereof to an outfall sewer or to treatment works


Hutt Valley Drainage Act 1967 [Full Act]

[Main sewer] means a sewer conveying, or designed or intended to convey, sewage from the whole or any part of a sewerage reticulation system to any other main sewer or main drain or to any outfall sewer or to treatment works or to any other point of disposal; and includes all sewers and drains carrying discharge from a pumping station and also includes all manholes, valves, fittings, measuring chambers, pumping stations, storage tanks, and other erections and structures appurtenant to or forming part of any main sewer or main drain; but does not include any pumping station or sewer which the Board, after consultation with the constituent authorities, determines shall not be a main sewer or part of a main sewer


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